It finally was completed.

* As for the engine, Isotta Fraschini, Asso is special.
It resembles an engine “cantilever” used for Savoia S.65.
* A wing and the front hydrofoil are right and left asymmetry
(these support torque)
* The hull has an opening and shutting-type air in take in the side. (I confirm a window two type and a window three type)
* A clutch sandwiches front and back of the engine (for air propeller use and the water screw)
[important] Pilot needs three arms to change this at the time of a takeoff.
* The exhaust pipe confirms a long type and a short type. I choice long type (an improved model?).
* The biggest mystery. I do not know where is the sensor (Pitot tube) of the air speed instrument in. (is this because it was abandoned before completion?)
* The clutch assumes a spring expression.
* Thanks for cooperation of Mr. Giambattista.






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