Macchi M7 bis

Piero Corgnolino flew the body of this race No. 14.
As for the race result, Giovani de Briganti was the first place.
But, in Macchi M.7 which he flew, I cannot see the evidence that “is Bis of the remodeling type”.
このレースナンバー14の機体はPiero Corgnolinoが飛ばしました。

レースの結果はGiovani de Brigantiが飛ばしたMacchi M.7(bisである証拠は見つかっていません)が一位となりました。
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Macchi M19
This airplane has a big dihedral angle and huge wings. The engine frame of is directly connected to the wings. I love such flying boats.schneider_10schneider_08

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