Tail and radiator

There is no data regarding the tail structure, so we are guessing based on the influence of the skeleton that appears on the outside. The structure of the side radiator is also just a guess as there are only vague photos.


Added framework and side radiators (Almost an imaginary drawing)

I guessed the structure of the pipe frame considering the weight of the engine. Since it is a racer, there are fewer rubber bushes on the engine mount. I needed a little curve in the frame to avoid the cylinder and supercharger, etc. I emphasized it a little too much, so I plan to fix it. I considered several ideas to connect it to the anchor in the center frame, but this shape was the most reasonable, and moreover, it resembled the frame for Renault’s inverted V engine.


further modified

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: 2023_0811_03.jpg
  1. Adjustment of air intake and windshield height
  2. Adjustment of engine position and cowling shape
  3. Float position (slightly lowered and the back half slightly thicker. The bottom fin has not been installed yet, so it looks thinner than in the photo))
  4. Adjust the position of the base of the wing
  5. The tail has been made slightly lower and wider both front and rear, and the rudder in particular has been extended rearward while emphasizing its curvature.
  6. The main wing attachment angle was changed from 2.5 to 2.3 degrees.
  1. エアインテークとフロントガラスの高さの調整
  2. エンジン位置とカウル形状の調整
  3. フロートの位置(少し低く、後ろ半分が少し厚くなっています。まだボトムフィンが取り付けられていないので、写真より薄く見えます))
  4. 翼の付け根の位置を調整する
  5. 尾翼は前後ともやや低く、幅広とし、特に舵は曲率を強調しながら後方へ延長。
  6. 主翼取付角度を2.5から2.3度に変更した。

Comparison and adjustment of photos and drawings

I’ve gone ahead and sorted out the differences by overlaying the drawings and photos. The lens is about 55mm, give or take. Made a few adjustments like shifting the cockpit forward by roughly 15cm from the drawing and moving the floats back by around 10cm. Also, nudged the back end of the aircraft up by approximately 10 centimeters and dropped the horizontal tail down by about 5cm.

図面と写真を重ね合わせて相違点を整理した。 レンズは約55mmです。 コックピットを図面より約15cm前方に移動し、フロートを約10cm後方に移動するなどの調整を行いました。 また、機体後端を約10センチ押し上げ、水平尾翼を約5センチ下げた。

“Hydroracers, the Schneider Trophy Epic”

La timeline del mio “Hydroracers, the Schneider Trophy Epic”, un capitolo appassionante del nostro nuovo libro è terminata. Dodici gare, 21 anni di sfide tra idrovolanti da gara raccontate in sei pagine attraverso le dettagliatissime ricostruzioni di Ozawa Hideaki e le infografiche di MBVision. A breve le altre 114 pagine per una pubblicazione di altissima qualità e pregio per una storia epica e dimenticata. Una coedizione Aeronautica Militare e Hun in the sun

Supermarine S6B Cockpit

I am assembling the control system, cooling piping and fuel piping.

A. Mixture control lever.
B. Throttle control lever.
C. Magneto switch.

D. Coolant temp.
E. Air speed indicator.
F. Engine R.P.M
G. Oil pressure.
H. Oil temp.
I. Oil inlet temp.
J. Fuel pressure.
K. Boost pressure.