The temporary assembling of the engine.


The temporary assembling of the engine.
The engine is “Isotta Fraschini Cantilever” similar to it which was used for Piaggio Pegna P.C.7.
The big difference is a shape of the oil pans, and it is connected to a frame directly.

エンジンはPiaggio Pegna P.C.7に使用されたエンジンと酷似した『Isotta Fraschini Cantilever』です。

Consideration of Savoia Marchetti S.65


I do not have a structure drawing.
Therefore I suppose most from a photograph.
Three pipes supporting the engine of “the cantilever” penetrate the body.
A float prop connects with the pipe.
The structure to support a tension line supporting a wing is necessary.
It is thought that they combined a pipe with a partition without waste.
An engine partition sandwiches the cockpit.

I temporarily assembled them.