The next time is a radiator

I continue thinking about a question whether “the radiator of 1922 is the same as 1921” all the time. From the back diagonal as for the indistinct photograph is photographed. Therefore, I rarely understand a radiator.

Points: M.7bis is just one aircraft?

● 1921, Giovanni De Briganti flew M.7bis.
● 1922, Piero Corgnolino flew M.7biis. Why Buriganti is not an entry in 1922?
◆Is M.7bis of 1922 and 1921 the same body??

● 1921 Piero was retires a race.
● An engine caused the issue of heat.
● The radiator of 1922 was changed for the thing which was high efficiency (the reasoning)
● Therefore, I suppose that the radiators of 1921 are different.

It can be seen in the photo
● There is not the rear under cover
● The previous cover has a relatively big curved surface

● The season of the race: 1921 is Venice of August. 1921 is Naples of August. Around 2 degrees Naples is higher in the temperature difference


ポイント: M.7bisは一機しか無い?

●1922年 ピエロはM.7biisを飛ばした。なぜ1922年ブリガンティはエントリーしていない。

●1921年 ピエロはリタイヤした